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Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence Solution (BIS) was developed to provide organizations with a comprehensive Enterprise Information System that takes all enterprise data and information from creation (Systems of Records), through data management (Governance), to data delivery/utilization (Operations, Reports and dashboards) and useful value driven insights (Analytics) for quick and data-driven decision making. Our BIS comes in various applications to automate data collection, processing, analysis and storage while presenting the data in form of KPIs and insightful dashboards.


Our BIS is offered in various applications such as;

  1. Executive Information Management System
  2. Health Information Management System and Hospital Management System
  3. School Management System for Secondary Schools and Universities
  4. Human Resource Management System
  5. Enterprise Resource Planning and Management System
  6. Learning Management System


The best part of our Business Intelligent Solution is that it’s offered as Software as a Service (Saas) which allow organizations to pay fees per users/month.