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Our solutions are enabling businesses maximize their full potential globally , be it the small sized business to the large multinationals we are constantly delivering the best suite of technology stacks with low cast start up & high level reliability.


OpenScape Contact Center

Complete contact center solution

  • Web
  • Desktop
  • Mobile

OpenScape Contact Center is an integrated multi-channel contact center solution featuring advanced skills-based routing for the mid-to-large contact center, with up to 1,500 active agents on a single site. Multiple OpenScape Contact Center servers can be networked across physical or virtual sites for increased scalability to up to 7,500 active agents. Whether inbound or outbound interactions, single-site , multi-site or integration with your existing CRM system.

OpenScape Contact Center provides the following for consumers:

  • Contact resolution with intelligent multi-channel contact routing.
  • Improve interaction handling efficiency with intuitive, multi-channel agent desktops.
  • Streamline contact center operations with powerful management tools.
  • Easy deployment with modular growth and scalability.
Team Member

OpenScape Unified Communications

Enterprise Communications

  • Web
  • Desktop
  • Mobile

OpenScape Office is a Unified Communications solution (UC) that unifies all types of communication (direct calls, phone conferences, e-mail, instant messaging, fax, etc.) in a single location. This does away with the need to tediously change between different programs, contact lists and e-mail accounts. As a result, enterprises can dedicate more of their energies to customers, increase their productivity and further reduce communication costs.

Key features of the UC platform are presence , conferencing , instant messaging with multi user chat , status- based call forwarding,Screen Pop- Ups,Favorite lists,call me,journal, dial from any desktop application,personal auto attendant & voice recording .

OpenScape office comprises of the following products OpenScape office MX , Open Office LX & Open Office HX , We provide deployment & integration services for the Openscape Office suite , Including Openscape Voice & Openscape Business.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Systems

Enterprise platform

The Sawtel BIS is a vital tool used by analytical staff and senior executives to access information required for setting strategic course of their business as well as make tactical decisions about their business units. The BIS is utilized in the management of the day-to-day operations of any company, and it is used by a wide array of line management personnel who are responsible for making decisions that drive the current business performance of their units.It assembles data from the business as it happens, reports on it and analyzes it,using historical data.

Business Intelligence

Fleet Solution/Vehicle Tracking

Enterprise Solutions

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Desktop

This is server-based software that facilitates the management of activities relating to the fleet of vehicles operated by a company, government, or any other organization. These specific tasks encompass all operations from vehicle acquisition through maintenance to disposal.The solution provides the following features:

Stolen Vehicle Support
Assistance provided in searching for a stolen or missing vehicle.
Vehicle Location
Access vehicle location via SMS from an authorized mobile phone.
Full Track & Trace
The system records position at predefined intervals, allowing you to view a trail of vehicle movement.
Road Track
Records positional data every time the vehicle changes direction e.g. cornering.