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Learning Management System

Learning around the world today has witnessed a continuous shift from basic in-class/traditional methods to more innovative online processes and procedures. This shift has helped ease and extend the delivery of learning content beyond the four walls of a lecture room, examples of this shift being e-portals, e-learning platforms and ecosystems.


The e-learning industry has seen immense growth in recent years with the bulk of this growth being attributed to the rise of e-learning ecosystems such as, and Alison among others. These platforms have combined various systems and technologies to drive the creation, distribution and delivery of e-learning content across the world.


At Sawtel we have a world class Learning Management System – UrLearning Option – that combines traditional classroom-based e-learning methods with cutting edge techniques such as gamification, social and virtual learning, multi-tenancy, among others to deliver a top quality online learning experience.Contact us to learn more

Video On Demand

A Video on Demand platform is an online application that provides choice quality video entertainment to viewers whenever they want it hence the name; Video on Demand.

The platform can be made available to users through subscription model or pay-per-view model. The platform can be deployed for both web, mobile and smart TV users. Contact us to learn more.

Hospital Management System / Health Information Management System

Our Hospital Management System (HMS) automates all activities of your hospital allowing clinical, back office and generic management of all the activities. It offers different management tools like EMR which is an audit trail of doctors and their encounter with patients, includes past medical history, doctor’s prescription details and external consultant’s opinion through the use of Tele-radiology and digital imaging. Other features of our HMS are Electronic Health Records (EHR);E-Clinic; Hospital Management; Laboratory Software; Mobile Health; Patient Portal;Pharmacy Software; Appointment Management; Healthcare Analytics and so much more.


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Schools Management System

Today, schools face lots of challenges on a daily basis just to run their daily administration. Processes like declaration of results, data management, fee collection, timetable management, attendance management of both staff and students and other similar functions are done manually. This in turn, takes a lot of time, energy and resources. To improve operational efficiency and manage the schools effectively, there is an imminent need to automate the management with cloud, mobile and digital technologies. Herein lies the need for a cutting edge Schools Management System (SMS).


The idea of having a Schools Management System (SMS) is to enable institutions automate their administration and management by creating a centralized repository of data collected from all facets of the institution both academic and non-academic via electronic portals, analyze the collated data and present the analyzed data on a dashboard providing useful insights on operations and highlighting different KPIs to help the management and other key stakeholders in these institutions make quick and data-driven decisions.


At Sawtel, we have an SMS that meets every automation need of your school, just Contact Us now to learn more.

Enterprise Resource Planning System

This is a business process management software that allows an organization to use our system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources. It typically integrates all facets of an operation — including product planning, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing — in a single database, application and user interface. It offers the following features; Sales Management; Inventory Management; Supply Chain Management; Vendor/Supplier Management; Reports & Analytics Management; Assets Management; Business Process Automation Workflows; Mobile Forms for Data Capture; Complaints & Incidents Management; Task Management; Performance & Rewards; Financial Reporting; Payments Collection; Billing & Invoicing and e-commerce storefront among others.


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Business Intelligence Solutions

Business Intelligence is the backbone ofdata- driven business decisions in most organizations. Public and private organizations around the world are fast adopting BI tools as the support mechanism for their decision making process. Business Intelligence solutions are aided by data warehousing which in turn saves time, enhances data quality, provides historical intelligence and generates a high return on investment.


The idea of having a Business Intelligence Solution (BIS) is to create a comprehensive Enterprise Information System as it takes the whole enterprise data and information from creation (Systems of Records), through data management (Governance), to data delivery/utilization (Operations, Reports and dashboards) and useful value driven insights (Analytics) for quick and data-driven decision making.


Want to know more about how and what Business Intelligence Solutions can help improve your business? Contact Us now

Hotel Management System

Our hotel management system provides centralized functionalities like reporting and administration which ease the management of hotels with more control. It features seamless connectivity to distribution (two way), pricing and reputation management systems that help drive greater revenues and higher customer satisfaction.


Our system lets you power your Hotel operations through simple, easy to use interface. It has a Drag and Drop facility/Mobile application that makes the system easy to learn by any user. Our system also has an inbuilt view of Booking Suite, rate intelligence and Snapshot business intelligence tool that helps hotels take informed pricing & management decisions.


It can also connect to various third party products like accounting system, revenue management system and in-house devices giving a seamless experience to the end user.

Being a cloud based solution means no investment in hardware installation and maintenance.  Need more information? Contact Us now